Wire Dependence

can't live without em

With slumbering intensity
The mechanics of wire tendencies
Is complicated to say the least.
With music I strive to starve myself
Of the space between nerve endings
As my mind is tethered to
808s and lines of snares
Chain clicks and hats and hits
It’s all at intervals and I can’t predict them.
The cacophony is concerned with sealing my throat,
The symphony is thrumming between my atoms I choke
With frustration, I regret ever gnashing my teeth
At the innocent air in their own currents, now spurred by mine,
Trying to imitate the sound clashes within the spiral of my own ear.
No, music doesn’t care much for the wearer
Therefore I’m alive to receive it.
But I have to forget‒
Remember that my earbuds vice me
Like silicon tubes in the cavity
of my chest with points pinned to
Keep my lungs locked down, entombed.
Yes, my breath isn’t mine
As I isolate my ear
by putting one in.

They’re painted black for the death of my consent
As lines loop and loop around the bed of my thoughts
Then reanimation! For the barred ones, refusals,
The refused ones belly up in the sunlight of my
Ever present teeth, still barren and bared
As I don’t hide my grimace, knitted eyebrows
Yearning to crumple an unfortunate soul
To the commands of tinged polar, seared air
As the melody straight-shots itself
To my lower middle temple,
Ready to desecrate and crumble whatever
Denied desperation I long to escape from.

I discourage any entry into my atmosphere
Isolation for the births of many a teenager
As the visceral contact with something
So personal as discrete and canted as
the music central to me, myself and my axis. home return