he ain't mine, i ain't his

italics is a reference

Are you sure you wanna talk about it?
Yeah, I’m sure, I’m fine.
This is pretty unhealthy, you always go off on him.
Look, I put this out there because I know he’s listening,
Stalking me with that grin, from the background, side accounts.
I know he’s listening.
Or maybe it’s the other way around.

It’s- a- tragic topic, but I’ll run on with it.
But wait, no nah, I don’t wanna run to him,
L-A C-A is no place to land because I’m so severely sure
I’ll land one punch on the man
named viperz
whose venom sickened me to a raving state Monday.
Forked fangs
sharp tongues
he didn’t wanna stay.
Bleeding my skin oiled knuckles, punch it!
His face is right there, it’s violent nostalgic!
Don’t even hope,
he prolly proposed to his real girl with the same song over the sea
eyes smoked to green.
He mixed that coke with a pop off cap liquor between teeth,
glass bottle needs.
finally came the day I left him my heart to break.
Pulmonary impulses,
beats to slate, I keep falling for another person behind some screen‒
I can’t touch ‘em but OH! How it gleams…

He took what he wanted from me,
then left with a stark white screen
dipped in the violet of shame,
no longer the orange pad red I associate .
with three letters, but I’m not in his “bed”.
Dirty RP between asterisks.
He’s writhing like the vessel of venom he is,
and I wish that his scales corrode away too‒
not that I’d spur the action!
What horror it would be to find those leaden texts‒
I won’t harm him yet,
Mentally set,
but I know he can harm himself with his shed skin,
the one coiled about my eyes, clouding my head,
tangled with moonlight between my legs,
Doubt I’ll come back for some star shopping, bet.
Now that shed skin will get scented by a suspicious girlfriend.
At eighteen I'll find some brass, cut him up, filipina yakuza.

Damn it! I’m not obsessed.
You know his school, that’s a little sus to me‒
STOP! I’m not living with spite, he is!
Keep telling yourself that‒

It’s a volume of royal red jerseys
doubt he even vividly knows me
Booked in chats with airpod shells
He isn’t stoned down to me
Farther than the sun he fell
Under mountains asleep,
counting seconds for his first girlfriend
Not me my three hours wait taken
Doubt he’s even shaken, breaking down, desperate for attention
It’s the other way around.

He needs to take his shoes and go,
don't even bother taking a coat,
just sit on the curb,
wait right here right here,
Now that's a good good good boy‒

now go shiver your boner out, don't mess with me, make you blackout.
I'll decapitate your cap before you open your trap.
Pop two front teeth‒ with a jab, branding clout,
ironic cause the gash will mend my closure,
split his doubt that I’ll come back, sike, who you fooling aight.
No moonlight
burns my back,
no sugar trails snake from a mountain,
sprinkled with whatever nicknames skin saved for you
Not you baby~!
now it’s solid white stapled to the forehead of the chat,
he’s blocked and I’m gone and there’s no going back.
Try to forget I exposed my back to pine- nee-dles- fresh.
He isn’t physical just far fetched.
really need him out of my head‒
Oh god I’m conflicted kill him dead!
Why wasn’t I more careless?
Can’t unsend this vent.

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